Legend of the Ghost Ship: The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

Just to share about the many legends of the sailors. One of the famous is the Flying Dutchman, ghost ship, which we often see in the movie Pirates Of THE CARIBBEAN, or a ghost pirate who appears in several episodes of Spongebob cartoon impressions. Absolutely, that's The Flying Dutchman.

Legend was started on a ship that dinahkodai a reliable and tough sailor named Hendrik Vanderdecken. Dutch sailor who has sailed home across the sea malignant from Amsterdam to Batavia, then docked in the East Netherlands in 1680. Although ordered by the trading company to sail with the boat company and bring home a full load. Hendrik greedy feel confident enough to load the stolen goods to enrich themselves, so the ship sailed with a load weights more than his ability.

When it's in the middle of the sea voyage. Tropical storm hits the ship Hendrik Vandedecken, and legend tells that he was still forced his ship to sail. Whereas the safest roads in such conditions must wait out the storm. But the impetus devil in his dreams at night made her decide to stay through the storm and rotates around the Cape and ignore the warnings of God. Kapalnyapun sank to participate menengelamkan these treasures.

Once his fault, it was condemned menahkodai Vandedecken ship until the end of time.

Legend has it very interesting indeed. More interesting when tens of years later, 1835, english captain and crew saw the ghost ship to approach them amid a hurricane. But the ship disappeared shortly after the appearance of it.

1881, British war ship sailors H.M.S. Bacchante fell off the side of the ship on the day after another crew saw the ghost ship. The recent appearance and was witnessed by many people occurred in March 1939, in Glencairn Beach, South Africa. After a day on the ground the appearance of a ghost ship, the newspaper reported the swimmers who have placed the incidence examine these magnificent ships, and discuss it in detail and noticed that the ship was running full force with a steady pace, although there was no wind blowing at the time.

some scientists explain that it was only a mirage. But the witnesses because of their protests is difficult to imagine a ship of the 17th century is very detailed with precise, because none of them had seen the ship before the 17th century.
But one thing that makes me more interested than this legend is a treasure that helped bring along Hendrik Vandedecken. You can imagine if we make a big expedition, yes, tarohlah there are two choices, we dive for a sinking ship towing or find a ghost ship, which is emerging amid the storm and into the 17th century ship them. As we will carry out a pile of treasure is in the hull was magnificent 17th century. ha-ha-ha of course the position of Abu Rizal Bakrie as the richest people would be displaced by me ha,,ha,,,ha.

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